Glendowie Primary School pupils take action against child hunger

A school project has inspired pupils to learn about child hunger and donating to their food bank. A group of four Glendowie Primary School pupils started learning in July about child hunger in New Zealand as part of a class project called Sharing The Planet.

The project resulted in Liam Bartlett and Samuel Wright, both 13 years old, donating two boxes of food to the Glen Innes food bank on December 3.

The food was purchased by Liam and Samuel through funds raised by doing chores around their homes.

“We have both been doing things like cleaning, mowing the lawns and washing dishes.

“With the pocket money we would then buy non-perishable items we could donate,” Liam says.

The Glen Innes Citizens Advice Bureau operates the food bank which was broken into twice in November.

Bureau manager Sue Bradford says the repair work took up vital resources that were needed over Christmas.

“This donation from the boys is a great thing, they have really gone out of their way to help others in need,” Bradford says.

Liam and Samuel say their group chose to study child hunger and poverty as they wanted to know the current state of the issue in New Zealand.

“Some of the things we did was research each political party’s policy towards child hunger and compare New Zealand statistics to Australia.

“We realised child poverty and hunger are huge problems in New Zealand and something needs to be done about it,” Liam says.

KiwiHarvest, an organisation which rescues food from going to landfill and re-distributes it to charities, helped Liam and Samuel take the items to the food bank.

The group had asked KiwiHarvest earlier in the year to come and talk to their class about food wastage.

KiwiHarvest spokeswoman Maria Madill says they have rescued more than 55,000kg of food since it started operations in March.

“Eighty per cent of our collections are fresh fruit and vegetables to support the work of many charities who receive dry goods from their various supporters,” she says.

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