International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste – 29 September 2020 – JOIN OUR WEBINAR

The United Nations created this awareness day in 2019 in recognition of this growing tragedy and to promote global efforts and action to half the waste by 2030.

Join our webinar:  Moumou Kai!!


Monthly Impact Report – August 2020

Do you really know what methane gas is and how bad a green-house gas it really is?  Are you interested in helping us improve food poverty for our rangatahi.

KiwiHarvest August 2020 Impact Report


Monthly Impact Report – July 2020

If you thought our first report was awesome! you are going to love this month’s edition.  Check out the statistics and waste reduction ideas.

KiwiHarvest July 2020 Impact Report


Monthly Impact Report – June 2020

Our inaugural monthly impact report.  You will found out all the hub-bub and goings-on of our busy wee KiwiHarvest.

KiwiHarvest June 2020 Impact Report



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