KiwiHarvest welcomes Rabobank Partnership to reduce food waste

KiwiHarvest is excited to announce food and agribusiness specialist Rabobank New Zealand has partnered with us, in our mission to reduce food waste.

New Zealand wastes more than 100,000 tonnes of food every year and an estimated 60 per cent of food dumped at landfills is perfectly edible.

“Our partnership with Rabobank, is a meeting of values and intent, which is a perfect strategic fit for us” KiwiHarvest Chief Executive Gavin Findlay says.

Whilst the partnership was in the works before Covid-19 was set upon New Zealand, the timing of this announcement really talks further to the underlying stress occurring across New Zealand.

Its known that in five Kiwi children live in households with severe to moderate food insecurity – basically, they do not have enough food on the table.

“The overwhelming demand for food supply doesn’t look to be plateauing in the short to medium term. We are focused on securing more supply channels as food insecurity grows” say Gavin Findlay.

Rabobank’s support through this new partnership will allow us to immediately invest in much-needed resources and equipment at our South Auckland warehouse over the coming months, plus another refrigerated vehicle for collecting food.”

Over the next two or three years, with Rabobank’s support KiwiHarvest will look to expand into other regions.

Apart from supporting Kiwi Harvest’s capacity at its South Auckland warehouse, a key aspect of the new partnership is the opportunity for Rabobank employees across New Zealand to contribute to reducing food waste.

A stellar programme of corporate responsibility in action.











L to R : Gavin Findlay CEO KiwiHarvest, Todd Charteris CEO Rabobank and Lisa Leaupepe Senior Marketing Manager, Rabobank.