Marathon Molly goes the distance for KiwiHarvest!

At KiwiHarvest, we’ve known for a long time that food rescue is a marathon, not a sprint.

Now, for the first time ever, the amazing Molly Quin is running the real, actual Auckland Marathon and raising money to support KiwiHarvest, on Sunday 29th October.

We asked Molly a few questions to find out more about why she’s so awesome, and what possessed her to decide to run so very far…


How did you first come across KiwiHarvest?

I work part-time in Shaky Isles, one of many cafes in Auckland that generously donates their leftover produce to KiwiHarvest. I immediately fell in love with the concept.


There’s a lot of good causes out there. Why did you particularly want to support our work?

After working in hospitality for a number of years, I have always hated seeing how much quality food is wasted on a daily basis. The concept of saving this food and delivering it to people in need in our community really resonates with me. I have a passion for nutrition and understand that the price of fruit and vegetables can often make it a real challenge to provide healthy meals to feed your family every day for a lot of people. I love the local factor and I know that every cent raised will go directly to helping these families put quality, nutritious food on the table.


How’s the training going?

Training is going reasonably well! I’m five weeks out at this point and I’m running one 20km-23km distance each week, amongst other shorter runs. I have scheduled a 32km-35km run for 10 days time and that will be the furthest I run prior to race-day.


What’s your “go to” pre- or post-run food?

Can’t go wrong with a bowl of porridge, which I’d usually down half an hour before I leave. My fave combo is oats, psyllium husk, banana, sultanas, sliced almonds, chia and pumpkin seeds with a dash of maple syrup and a spoonful of coconut yoghurt!

Post-run I usually treat myself to a big plate of eggs, mushrooms or avocado on sourdough! Or a green smoothie if I’m in a hurry.


Any top tips for avoiding food waste at home that you want to share?

Experiment in the kitchen! I try to limit myself to one supermarket shop each week where I predominantly buy a whole array of vegetables and at the end of the week instead of going back to the supermarket or getting takeaways I have a play with the mismatched veges left and come up with a meal to finish them all. I always know what’s in the fridge and rarely throw food out, the fact I’m a student could also play into that!


If you’d like to support Molly’s fundraising efforts for KiwiHarvest, you can donate via her Givealittle page. For every $1 donated, we can deliver two meals to people in need.

Are you also running the marathon, or taking on another outrageous challenge, and want to raise money to rescue good food and get it to people who need it? If so, please email – we’d love to chat!