Nosh has committed to eliminating food waste and has started donating to KiwiHarvest

Nosh has committed to eliminating food waste that is traditionally sent to landfill and has started donating to a new local food rescue organisation, KiwiHarvest.

KiwiHarvest is collecting and safely distributing surplus, edible fresh food to people who are in need across Auckland.

“What we really love is that the food is going directly back to local community groups who are benefiting from the nutrition as 83% of the food donated is fresh fruit and vegetables,” says Rod de Vries, Nosh General Manager.  “The prepared meals from the Nosh cafes also go straight to good use for charities providing meals to their clients who may not have kitchen facilities.”

“Nosh is a part of many communities across Auckland so working with KiwiHarvest is a great way for us to help those in need while at the same time reducing waste. It makes our staff smile too, no one wants to see good food going to waste.”

“Our customers want to see us reducing our food waste. We’re doing that by donating food through KiwiHarvest, our food rescue partner.”

KiwiHarvest’s CEO and Founder, Deborah Manning, is thrilled, “This commitment from Nosh is a huge advance in our collective fight against food waste.”

“KiwiHarvest sees the benefits of the fresh food donations when we match the food to the needs of our recipient agencies. Their people are able to cook more nutritious meals for themselves and their families. This is what makes our work so rewarding. The food wasn’t actually “waste” as it has become a meal for someone who is in need and is incredibly grateful.”

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