We are looking for a Deliverer of Goodness to join our team!

We are looking for a very, very special individual to join the KiwiHarvest family in a mission critical position, of Delivery Driver, or as we like to call it Deliverer of Goodness!

As the job title says, we are delivering goodness to the Auckland community and so this role is 100% focused on picking up food donations from food donors and delivering food donations to recipient charities in a timely manner, whilst sending positive vibes along the way.

You will be the face of the business, on the front line every day, responsible for ensuring food donations reach the people that need it most before it perishes, time is of the essence!

Sounds simple right…? Not really, as you will regularly be diverted from your original route to pick up last minute donations, whilst juggling already scheduled drop offs and pickups. As the old saying goes patience is a virtue, but in this job its an absolute must!

Your main aim is to rescue as much food as possible from scheduled pick ups and deliver them to their scheduled destinations, all whilst managing random requests from HQ as and when they happen.

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